27 February 2015 15:55

A Lanique Experience - 5th March, Heritage Square CT

If you live in the Cape Town area and want to try a liqueur unlike anything you've tried before, get to Heritage Square (in the courtyard) on the evening of Thursday 5th March, 6pm.

The drink of choice for the Eastern Bloc aristocracy, the fall on communism saw it fade into obscurity and almost disappear from the liquor landscape completely. Recently however, the recipe was rediscovered and has been recreated precisely as it was when the Romanov Dynasty ruled Russia. [Read more HERE.]

Lanique is quite unlike any other liquor. The colour and aroma are 100% naturally derived from Attar of Rose, an expensive oil extracted from thousands of rose petals, resulting in a delicate aroma and soft yet irrepressible mouthfeel.

Come and find out why Lanique was the official drink at the MTV EMA Music Awards, was served at the London Fashion Awards and has high profile celebs throughout Europe talking. With the password "MUDL Magazine" you will get a  FREE taste of Lanique.*