17 September 2015 17:12

Ballantine's Brings you a Glass for Drinking in Space

Cue comments about a whisky that's "out of this world". Ballantine's has created the Ballantine's Space Glass and a Special Batch of Ballantine's Space Whisky designed for a zero gravity environment.

Picture it, astronauts with empty glasses chasing globules of floating liquor around the International Space Station. Well no more! Ballantine's commissioned the Open Space Agency, a collective of astropreneurs, to design the Space Glass and overcome the challenge of drinking whisky in a zero gravity environment. The Space Glass was rigorously tested at the ZARM Zero-G Drop Tower in Bremen, Germany, to prove its functionality in conditions similar to that of space.

To complete the launch, Master Blender Sandy Hyslop has created a special batch of Ballantine's Space Whisky. It's crafted by introducing first fill sherry matured malt to a bespoke Ballantine's blend with the intention of addressing the impact that microgravity has on taste-buds, resulting in a more concentrated whisky with enhanced spice and honey notes.

Sandy Hyslop comments: "The Ballantine's Space Glass is built around the whisky drinking experience. The warming element from hand to glass is important to me because the whisky warms up while you are drinking it, unlocking aromas that ensure a multi-sensory experience. It's fantastic that this has been achieved, so Ballantine's inaugural space blend has a fitting vessel specifically built for zero gravity. In space you are unable to pick up on the same smell and taste intensity as on earth. That was my key consideration when designing Ballantine's Space Whisky. I had to make the blend more robust, heightened in flavour, and more concentrated so one could emulate the experience of drinking Ballantine's on earth. Astronauts miss the taste of home and by crafting a fruitier, stronger, more floral blend I think Ballantine's has designed a home comfort for space."

James Parr, founder of the Open Space Agency, explains: "Our brief was to develop a whisky glass that worked under the conditions of microgravity, the scientific term for zero gravity. It was important that we focused on creating a ritual around how you drink from the Ballantine's Space Glass to give a familiarity of what we are used to here on earth – the end result is one that incorporates several elements of that ritual, from the liquid entering the glass through to sipping from it."

Peter Moore, Ballantine's Global Brand Director, commented: "We believe that when individuals stay true to themselves they leave their mark on this planet. As Ballantine's drinkers have re-invented the world all around us, we've been right there with them. We are delighted to be the first whisky brand to support astropreneurship with the development of the Ballantine's Space Glass and the Special Batch of Ballantine's Space Whisky. Not only is the glass innovative – solving fundamental scientific questions of how liquid moves in zero gravity – but it is also beautifully designed, with the ritual of the whisky drinking experience at its heart."



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