24 July 2013 20:01

Bit Lab launches MyBeerCraft SA App for Apple and Android users

www.mybeercraft.com www.mybeercraft.com

The craft beer revolution has hit South Africa, and those who love their craft beer, LOVE their craft beer. But since these independently produced beers are lovingly made against the mainstream, often in small quantities, finding out where to get your favourite craft can be a bit of a challenge. And aside from craft beer festivals, discovering new brews is all but impossible unless you stumble upon them in a bar.

MyBeerCraft SA, brought to you by local app developers Bit Lab, is the answer to all a craft-lover’s dilemmas. This app, made for South Africans by South Africans, and currently available for free download on iPhone from the iTunes store and Android from Google Play, is the ultimate craft beer community, where you can find, drink, rate and share craft beers and help independent brew masters to grow awareness of their beers and the craft movement as a whole.

“Craft beer is growing fast, but it still makes up only a fraction of a percent of the beer market, with the giants of the beer world owning the lion’s share. The beer market is flooded with mass-market light style lagers. Craft beer breaks this mould, taking beer back to its roots in traditional, independent breweries, and giving consumers a wider choice of many different styles of beer. MyBeerCraft is aimed at helping both consumers and craft brewers by growing awareness and nurturing this growing industry,” says Brendon Milton, co-founder of MyBeerCraft.  


MyBeerCraft has been designed to be easy to use, based on four elements: find; drink; rate; share.

  • Find – find your favourite craft beers and discover new ones, locate venues near you stock your favourite craft beer, find more information on local craft brewers, and find out what the many different beer styles are all about. Using your phone’s GPS, MyBeerCraft can show you all craft venues near you, or anywhere in the country, and give you directions to get there as well.
  • Drink – try out all of the different craft beers South Africa has to offer. There are local independent breweries around the country, offering interesting alternatives to mainstream mass-market beverages.
  • Rate – users can give ratings to both beers and venues. Other app users will be able to view these ratings to help them decide which beer to try next, and where. Ratings can also be used to make recommendations for users based on their likes and dislikes and the preferences of users with similar tastes.
  • Share – growing the craft beer community is all about spreading the word. Users can upload photographs of beers and venues, share their experiences on social media, and share the app with all of their friends.


On the technical side, the app itself has been completely locally developed, with the help of local beer gurus, and is designed to be fast, easy to use and highly responsive. Each app has been natively developed specifically for the platform it runs on, which means a better user experience.

“There’s no excuse for slow apps – all they do is irritate the user. We want MyBeerCraft to become an integral part of craft beer lovers’ lives, and this means it needs to be built well on the back end so that for the user, it just works. The South African app development industry is still young, like the craft beer space, but there is a lot of talent out there and we are capable of delivering world-class apps and great beer. We have poured our passion for both technology and beer into MyBeerCraft, and we hope the results speak for themselves,” says Darren Tuck, owner of Bit Lab and co-founder of MyBeerCraft.

Join the craft beer revolution today and show your support for independent local brewers. For more information and links to download the app for Apple and Android visit www.mybeercraft.com.