10 December 2015 09:49

Black Bottle Hit Anti Establishment

Anti Establisment in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, saw the return of Black Bottle Scotch whisky with a cocktail workshop hosted by Mal Spence, the global ambassador for the brand. Some of Jozi's bartenders battled it out in a mystery ingredient challenge.

Gift Ngwenya of Misty Hills and Justine Coetzer of Thirst won the challenge with their combinations that Spence praised for "incredible balance and the harmonious combination of flavours that let the unique taste of Black Bottle shine through."

Mal Spence, Gift Ngwenya of
Misty Hills,
Justine Coetzer of Thirst,
and George Hunter

of Thirst and Anti Establishment


Says Lucindi Branfield, the SA marketing manager for the brand: "Mal personifies Black Bottle on so many levels, from his quirky Scottish creative passion and know-how, to his compelling story-telling in the way he narrates the fascinating history of the whisky and its very special taste profile."


As its name suggests, Black Bottle was originally sold in an opaque black bottle. Launched by the Graham brothers in 1879 in Aberdeen, Scotland, it soon developed a loyal following. The distinctive original black bottles were sourced from Germany. When World War I interrupted supply, the black bottle was replaced by a readily available green bottle. Now, a century later, Black Bottle is back in black, celebrating its origins with a retro look and its original blend.

The new design has been inspired by a black bottle found in the company archives dating to 1906, while the blend has been adjusted to reflect the recipe created in Aberdeen by Gordon Graham 136 years ago.



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