29 June 2014 23:04

BrewDog puts in Unofficial Scottish Bid for FIFA 2022

In its usual tongue-in-cheek fashion, Scottish craft beer brand has given FIFA a few "persuasive reasons to justify why Scotland should replace Qatar as host of the Wold Cup in 2022." In an effort to sweeten the deal, they've launched a beer "in honour of our tireless football führer" called #VoteSepp.

#VoteSepp is "best served from brown paper envelopes to aid drinking with greased palms". Billed by BrewDog as an extended olive branch to the soccer boss who has come under some heavy criticism in recent years for FIFA's questionable methods in selecting host nations, among other things, the #VoteSepp campaign is part of what they've called a "get out of Qatar free card".

BrewDog was kind enough to go on to justify why Scotland should replace Qatar as the 2022 host of the FIFA World Cup. The full article can be viewed here, and it is definitely worth a read.

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