16 November 2014 20:50

Castle 1895 Draught introduces Tank Beer

SAB trade brewer Denis da Silva with Andre Alexander SAB trade brewer Denis da Silva with Andre Alexander

Castle Lager has brought a new beer experience to Africa by offering Brewery Fresh Tank Beer, unpasteurised and straight from the Newlands Brewery.

Previously only available to South African Breweries brew masters themselves, brewery-fresh Castle 1895 Draught beer is piped directly from Newlands Brewery's tanks into a dedicated "Fresh Beer Truck", straight to 500L copper tanks and into your glass – all within a matter of hours of being made.

"Nearly all South African beer is pasteurised to afford it a longer shelf life but during this process some of beer's lively characteristics can be diminished," said Denis da Silva Trade Brewer at SAB. "However, with good hygiene and short delivery lead times, pasteurisation is not necessary."

Tank beer allows consumers to enjoy the experience of draught beer at its best. With its smooth taste, the brewery-fresh Castle 1895 Draught beer pairs beautifully with food, as demonstrated at the launch by Pete Goff-Wood, Masterchef judge.

"Beer is an exciting pairing partner as it works beautifully with food on a number of levels – everything from a flavour perspective all the way to the cleansing mouth feel. Castle 1895 Draught's Brewery Fresh Tank Beer goes a long way to ticking all those pairing criteria," said Goffe-Wood.

In October, Ferryman's Tavern at the V&A Waterfront was the first of four iconic bars to be unveiled as a venue where Castle 1895 Draught's Brewery Fresh unpasteurised Tank Beer will be served. "As the first tenant at Cape Town's iconic V&A waterfront, when it comes to beers, we have always strived to keep up with the times. The addition of unpasteurised Brewery Fresh Tank Beer to our current variety of beers will enable us to offer our patrons something really different," said Ferryman's Tavern owner William Coates.

Forrester's Arms and Long Street Cafe followed suit this month while Quay 4 will offer the beer when they reopen with freshly renovated premises in December.

Walking the streets of the Mother City, you'll recognise Brewery Fresh Tank Beer outlets by the progressively crafted copper tanks in their windows. Follow the pipes from these tanks and you'll find yourself at the bar ready to order your first Brewery Fresh Tank draught beer. "While you wait for your tank beer to be poured to perfection, take a look at the tap to find out when the beer you're about to drink was brewed," said da Silva. "Because our Brewery Fresh Tank Beer is unpasteurised, it has to be consumed within five days of filling. Castle 1895 Draught tank beer is therefore one of the freshest, smoothest and most distinctive tasting beers available in South Africa – the way beer is meant to be enjoyed."

"By introducing Brewery Fresh Tank Beer to the 1895 brand, we are living up to our up slogan of being progressively crafted," said Castle Lager Marketing Manager Matt Brownell.

The tank beer will only be available in Cape Town.

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