29 April 2014 14:30

Castle Lite launches Re-Sealable Platinum Edition Pack

Castle Lite has launched its latest packaging concept – a re-sealable bottle, ensuring that the beer is kept colder for longer for continued extra cold enjoyment.

The new limited edition Castle Lite Re-Sealable Platinum Edition pack, the first of its kind in South Africa, has been developed as a tangible item which is not only visually appealing, but enhances the extra cold drinking experience for the consumer by ensuring that the beer stays colder for longer.

Pack Innovation is a key driver of Castle Lite's growth and this new 470ml aluminium bottle with its bold, distinctive and progressive design, is in line with the latest brand iconography.

"Castle Lite is renowned for being innovative, and having said that we cannot say we are without actually delivering. I have no doubt that through this limited edition Re-Sealable Platinum Edition Pack, the brand intrinsic of innovation and exclusivity will be reinforced," comments Andrea Quaye, General Manager of Castle Lite.

The Platinum Pack will only be available in Gauteng from 28th April to 30th June 2014, due to its exclusivity, and only sold at Pick n Pays, selected liquor stores and premium bars. The pack will also offer consumers the opportunity to unlock the latest local and international music from the brand's Extra Cold Music platform with the unique code on the pack.

"Consumers who purchase a re-sealable Platinum Edition Pack will get access to five new music tracks that will be released every Friday at 9pm. These songs will be available and valid for a free download on the platform for 7 days on the music platform, after which five new songs will be released," explained Quaye.

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