07 September 2014 22:27

Castle Lite Lime Hits the Market

Castle Lite has announced the introduction of Castle Lite Lime, their new line extension with lime "Flava".

Leanne Martin, Castle Lite's through-the-line Marketing Manager said: "With the flavoured beer category growing globally, the new product innovation has allowed us to take extra cold refreshment to the next level."

Martin continued by saying that Castle Lite Lime is a new style of flavoured beer – lightly flavoured, which extends the beer-drinkers offering in the market. "The world of flavoured beers has a continuum, where flavoured beer can range in its beer character and flavour intensity, from "beer-like" to "not beer like". The new Castle Lite Lime offers the unashamed original Castle Lite beer taste, with a hint of lime citrus flavour," she explains.

Flavoured beer is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the beer market. It saw a 7% volume growth globally in 2013 according to Euromonitor International, and 42% of global adult drinkers under 34 remarking that they consume flavoured beers on at least an occasional basis (Reprtbuyer.com, November 2013).

Castle Lite Lime is available in 340ml NRB, 440ml Can and 660ml RB nationwide, and is supported by a through-the-line campaign starting this month.

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