08 July 2014 10:07

Copacabana 1940 Rum Launches in NYC

Celebrity Chef Alex Garcia and Restaurateur Spencer Rothschild, partners of Barrio Spirits and the legendary nightclub Copacabana in New York City, are introducing the iconic brand to the spirits industry with Copacabana 1940 – a smooth 7 year old Añejo rum. The two industry experts have assembled a team that includes former president and COO of Cruzan Rum International, Jay Maltby, Barrio Spirits' Director of sales, Robert Rosenthal and the Master Distiller, Francisco "Don Pancho" Fernandez.

"After many years travelling the world to source the finest rum, I am thrilled to introduce New York to Copacabana 1940 Añejo rum. I am so proud of the experts that have come assembled to create an Añejo rum worthy of bearing the name of the most famous nightclub and beach in the world," said Rothschild.

Copacabana 1940 is distilled in Panama and as of July 7th will be distributed in New York City by Royal Wine Corp. The official launch event will take place on today (Tuesday, July 8th) at the world famous Copacabana rooftop in Times Square. The new rum is inspired by New York City of the 1940s; a time when the "Big Apple" was becoming the capital of commerce, and fashion and music ruled the night. It was also the year that gave birth to the iconic nightclub ... The COPACABANA.

"Rum is enjoying the spotlight, and the light shines brightly on Copacabana 1940 Añejo rum. The partnership with Royal Wine is extremely innovative and we greatly appreciate their drive and determination surrounding our Copacabana 1940 Rum," said Maltby.

This golden rum is made in one of the most important distilleries in the world, Las Cabras in Panama. The central province of Herrera is known for its abundant sugar cane fields that grow in nutrient-rich volcanic soil fed by rivers stemming from mineral-rich mountain springs. Authenticity, heritage and flavour are the cornerstones Copacabana 1940. The oval shaped bottle is made by Saver Glass from France and decorated with the iconic Copacabana girl.

Spencer Rothschild is the Founder and President of Barrio Foods and Barrio Spirits, with a proven track record of creating and consulting for multi-unit hospitality businesses over the past twenty years. From introducing daring new restaurant concepts to finding creative and efficient solutions for growing entrepreneurs, Rothschild is a seasoned industry leader.

Chef Alex Garcia is Cuban born chef who helped popularize a version of Latin inspired food at several New York City restaurants, including Patria, Calle Ocho and AG Kitchen. He also appears on the Food Network. One of Chef Garcia's famous creation is a rum glazed shrimp dish, which he will create using Copacabana 1940 for the launch event tonight.

Francisco "Don Pancho" Fernandez is respected worldwide as one of the most experienced master rum distiller. Born in Cuba, Fernandez has been making rum for five decades. His most recent efforts include Zafra, Panamonte and Panama Red, Ron De Jeremy, Bohemio, Cana Brava, YOLO, Debonaire and Origene and now, Copacabana 1940.

"Copacabana 1940 begins with the finest Panamanian sugarcane. The 7 year blend results in a full bodied, extremely sophisticated and approachable rum. Aged in white oak, it has lovely hints of orange citrus and butterscotch" says Fernandez.

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