11 August 2015 09:03

Disaronno launches First New Product in 500 Years

Disaronno has unveiled Disaronno Riserva, a limited edition release and the brand's first new product since the original liqueur was created in 1525. A combination of Disaronno and blended Scotch whisky, Disaronno Riserva is aged in vintage Marsala wine barrels at the company's own Cantine Florio in Marsala, Sicily. The result is "a spicy sweetness that fades into light and fruity vanilla-almond notes. The finish is peppery with a hint of dried fruit."

"Disaronno Riserva is my passion project," explains Augusto Reina, CEO of the ILLVA Saronno Company. "I worked continuously for years to perfect the blend, which is strongly tied to our company's roots and brand heritage."

The innovation was inspired by a trip to the Highlands and Speyside in Scotland, where Mr. Reina selected the whiskies that would best marry with Disaronno. The whisky was combined with Disaronno in Saronno, Italy, where the historical headquarters of Illva Saronno are located. It then traveled to Marsala at the Cantine Florio, where Riserva was aged.

The Cantine Florio is located near the sea, which allows the temperature and humidity to create the optimum conditions for the product's aging process. This process, which lasts twelve years and takes place in oak barrels that date to 1938, have long contained Marsala's important reserves. The Marsala wine barrels create a unique flavor and spice in the liquid.

The Disaronno Riserva bottle is inspired by the iconic Disaronno bottle, with a cleaner and more innovative shape that is showcased in in a refined black wooden box. Just 10,000 bottles were produced, and will be released internationally in luxury retailers while supplies last.

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