09 December 2013 08:17

Documentary on Secret World of Women Who Abuse Alcohol

After screening in major cities across the United States, Lipstick & Liquor, a compelling documentary that explores the hidden world of suburban women who drink, is now available to rent or own on iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, and Xbox.  The film will also be released on Amazon.com, YouTube Movies, and Indie Rights Movie Channel later this month, with more digital platforms available in 2014.  The release comes during the holiday season when experts say many women feel stressed out and vulnerable to depression."The holiday season marks a time of increased pressure for women," says psychotherapist and author Dr. Anita Gadhia-Smith, one of the experts in the film. "Family issues, finances and unmet expectations can trigger painful feelings that leave women even more susceptible to drinking as a way to cope through the holidays."

Lipstick & Liquor traces the haunting story of Julie Kroll, a 39-year-old mother from Woodbridge, Virginia who went missing a week before Christmas.  Julie stumbled away from a minor car crash in the brutal cold, leaving behind her eight-year-old daughter and an open container of alcohol. Instead of being seen as someone in trouble, Prince William County Police treated Julie as a criminal, delaying a critical search.  After media reports, she was vilified online for being an irresponsible mother.  Emmy-award winning director/writer Lori Butterfield spent three years researching and producing the film.

"Julie is the focus because her story is both shocking, and yet, all too familiar," says Butterfield. "As a society, we tend to judge women who abuse alcohol more harshly than men and this is why so many resist treatment. Our hope is that 'Lipstick' will inspire women to get help and to show others why support is so vital."