25 May 2014 20:44

Duff Beer heading to Australia

For years the creator of the Simpsons TV series, Matt Groening, resisted the urge to allow offically licenced Duff beer to hit the street for fear that it might encourage under age drinking. Although it was first made available to the public at the Springfield tourist attraction in Orlando Florida, a replica of the Simpsons' home town, wider sanctioned distribution was non-existent. Until now. Plans are under way to release Homer's favourite beer in Australia this week.

In the mid 1990s Australian beverage company Lion Nathan brought out a Duff beer but was promptly taken to court by 20th Century Fox and forced to recall and destroy all the products. As a result the beer quickly became a collector's item, with cases of the cans fetching up to AUS$13,000. Other companies in Germany and Mexico are also currently producing unsanctioned Duff beer and Fox is duly pursuing legal action.

The press release describes the beer as, "...a true premium lager that holds a clean, crisp and refreshing taste along with its iconic packaging. A superbly crafted lager, Duff Beer is a high quality, traditional beer with a perfect balance of flavour and refreshment featuring a deep golden colour with caramel aromatics and a hint of fruit... Ahead of its highly anticipated arrival in store [on the 28th May], a pop-up of the iconic Moe's Tavern will open to the public at the Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel from the 23rd – 30th May."


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