10 September 2015 07:58

Grain & Barrel Spirits adds Iconic "Endless Summer" Brand

Bruce Brown Films, LLC today announced that it has licensed certain intellectual property rights from the iconic surf documentary The Endless Summer to Grain & Barrel Spirits. Under the terms of the exclusive worldwide trademark license, Grain & Barrel will expand and complement its current product mix by developing a new line of spirits, kicking off the partnership with Bruce Brown Films by introducing its first beverage to markets in early 2016.

Halfway through celebrating The Endless Summer's 50th Anniversary period since the movie's first successful release to the public in 1964. The Endless Summer film was recently selected by the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History as one of the few artifacts to be placed on display permanently in Washington DC, thus recognising the film for its integral part and contribution to American pop culture.

One of Grain & Barrel's brands, Chicken Cock

"Today's announcement marks an important new milestone in the evolution of The Endless Summer as more than just a movie that inspired millions of fans around the globe. The Endless Summer is a reflection of everyone's dreams and aspirations. It is a lifestyle theme that has shaped the foundation of our company's popular licensing program. Spirits extends the movie's reach even further by tapping new channels through our valued partnership with Grain & Barrel," says film director Bruce Brown.

With an expanding distribution footprint in the U.S. and abroad and led by a team with deep industry experience, Grain & Barrel is one of the industry's most innovative emerging spirits companies. "Having grown up amidst the surf culture of Southern California, the opportunity to work with legendary director Bruce Brown and his team on this collaboration is very exciting. The Endless Summer is an iconic piece of American culture and we believe it has all the elements to become a truly global and industry leading spirits brand," says Grain & Barrel founder Matti Anttila.

From the sunny shores of California to South Africa's Cape St. Francis to the reefs of Australia, continue searching for that perfect wave and now that perfect spirit while following your own Endless Summer!