22 December 2014 08:27

Havanista Cuban Rum Moves Closer to US Launch

A while back we published an article HERE giving a brief tongue-in-cheek account of the historical events that led to the 1961 trade embargo between Cuba and the USA. In that article we surmised that it would a long time before Cuban rum would be available in America. Well it appears we might be wrong.

Although there is still some way to go before American liquor stores can stock Cuban rum with impunity, US president Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro have made some headway. Examples include:

  • the release and returning of Cuban and American prisoners to their rexspective countries.
  • US plans to estabish an embassy in Havana.
  • Easing trade restrictions, which allows US tourists to bring back a maximum of $100 worth of Cuban tobacco and liquor (not for resale), inlcuding Havana Club.

These political developments have far-reaching implications for Pernod Ricard, who have been prevented from importing their Cuban rum into the US. However, once the embargo is finally fully lifted, they will have to enter the US under the Havanista label due to the fact that the Bermuda-based Bacardi company owns the Havana trademark for that market.

A Pernod Ricard spokesperson said, "We are encouraged by yesterday's announcement that relations between the United States and Cuba are normalising. We are pleased that Americans traveling to Cuba under the new US policy will be able to enjoy our award-winning Cuban rum, Havana Club. We plan to carefully monitor further developments."

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