21 September 2014 23:39

Hennessy's Exceptional Edition Particuliere

Hennessy will release 29 bottles of Edition Particuliere globally in October 2014.

This rare blend combines carefully selected eaux-de-vie over 100 year old that are kept in tiercon French oak barrels. Only a few barrels of these rare eaux-de-vie remain from the pre-phylloxera era, representing the heart and soul of Edition Particuliere, one of the rarest cognacs that Hennessy has ever produced.

Alfred Fillioux — great grandfather of Hennessy's seventh-generation current Master Blender Mr. Yann Fillioux — was the first to create this blend. In 2014 Hennessy took the unprecedented decision to release just 29 carafes.

"It is truly an extraordinary moment to witness the birth of such a release," says Yann Fillioux. "We are merely the guardians in place but for a brief time in the full course of history. We are very proud of the route we have taken, and indeed of the legacy that Hennessy will leave."

Depth and concentration are brought by eaux-de-vie matured for around a hundred years. Complementing this are the younger eaux-de-vie in the blend.

Each bottle is made of pure Baccarat crystal with a special seal handcrafted by artisans at Maison Guerlain and presented in a coffret hand made by a leather artisan.

11 bottles of Edition Particuliere will be available in the US, priced at $27,000 and are available from October 15th.

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