28 September 2014 17:54

Hit the Winelands with UberXL

Living in Cape Town, sometimes the winelands seem so close yet so far. Heading out there for a boozy Sunday lunch is a great way to while away a sunny afternoon, except for one snag - one poor sucker has to drive.

Sure you could be lucky and have a teetotaler in your social circle, or maybe someone who is pregnant, but usually no one wants to be lumped with the responsibility of having to drive. Taking a taxi there and back costs an arm and a leg, so invariably the wine farms become one of those things that Capetonians have on their doorstep but seldom use.

Well Uber has recently launched UberXL in Cape Town, which means that rounding up a few friends and heading on a road trip is now easy and affordable. This new, roomy ride can seat up to six people, and is another convenient low cost addition to their array of service offerings.

Uber cars usually seat four passengers. This awesome new way to ride means you can now seat those additional two friends and split the fare between 6 people, lowering the fare considerably. Your pick-up will be a stylish and comfortable Toyota Avanza (or equivalent).

UberXL is available to use throughout Cape Town as well as the surrounding winelands area. The best part is that ordering an UberXL is no different to before. Open up your Uber app and you'll see two vehicle options to choose from: UberX and UberBLACK. Toggle over UberX and select UberXL. Set your pickup location and tap the "request UberXL" button.

Easy as that.

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