09 February 2015 14:20

Introducing Lanique

Lanique, made from Attar of Rose and revived from a historic 200-year-old recipe, has officially launched in South Africa. A blushing rosy pink colour, this rose liqueur spirit was first enjoyed by European high society in the 1800s, cherished and imbibed by the elite at their celebrations and grand balls.

If you've never heard of Attar of Rose, allow me to enlighted you (I didn't know what it was either). It is an extremely precious oil extracted from the petals of roses through a delicate steam distillation process. So painstaking and time-consuming is this process that Attar of Rose is actually more expensive than gold (by weight), and it is the key ingredient behind Lanique's floral aroma and gentle flavour. But don't let it fool you. At 39% ABV, these petals pack a punch!

At the recent Cape Town launch at Manna Restaurant on Kloof St, we were treated to a number of expressions that showcased the versatility of this liqueur. First up was a glass of South African MCC with half a shot of Lanique, giving it a floral hint to the nose and a pink colour that was common to all the drinks served that afternoon. It's important to note that these charateristics are 100% natural; no colourants or flavourants are added to accentuate the hue or aroma.

Next was a simple Lanique and Lime - very refreshing - followed by a Lanique and Tonic, which was my favourite. My last drink of the day was a heady combination of Lanique, Bombay Sapphire and lime juice served in a Martini glass. Not for the faint hearted, this drink is like a Bond girl - sexy, feminine, delicious and dangerous!

Bartenders are going to have fun with this new arrival on the SA liquor scene, as will any consumers looking to get creative at home.



MCC and Lanique Lanique and Lime Lanique and Tonic Lanique-tini