19 October 2014 23:03

Mainstay 54 takes Voda Masters Prize

Mainstay 54 Island Vodka and the Fusion range picked up five accolades, including the prized Master Medal, at the international Vodka Masters 2014 awards .

Only three Master Medals were presented overall by this prestigious London-based awards programme, and one went to Mainstay Island Fusion.

Mainstay's Brand Manager Simphiwe Pato commented: "Taking a Master Medal only a year after launch is a remarkable achievement. Mainstay is clearly at the forefront of global vodka market trends when a recently introduced South African product can outperform well established international competitors, including leading Russian brands."

All Mainstay offerings in the flavoured vodkas category took honours at the Masters. In addition to the Master Medal by Mainstay Island Fusion (with its taste of hazelnut and vanilla), Gold Medals were taken by Mainstay Tropical Fusion (coconut and tropical mango) and Mainstay Exotic Fusion (coconut and vanilla).

A strong performance was also put in by Mainstay 54 Island Vodka, the classic offering in the range. The 5-column distilled vodka with its alcohol content of 54% ABV, won Gold in the Rest of the World category and Silver in the Premium category.

Simphiwe Pato noted: "Our slogan – You can stay as you are for the rest of your life or you can change to Mainstay – now resonates across the international industry. Changing to Mainstay is a winning proposition when award results indicate that a taste for our distinctive South African range is shared by some of the world's best judges."

Awards recognition has been accompanied by marketplace success.

"The range exceeded volume targets within eight months of launch," said Pato. "We're focused purely on South Africa in an extremely competitive category and continue to achieve market share gains. International recognition suggests the Mainstay brand experience has definite appeal further afield should we decide to broaden our marketing horizons at any stage."

A series of international award wins have been registered since the launch of Mainstay 54 Island Vodka and its flavoured Fusion range in September 2013. At the 2014 ISC White Spirits and Liqueurs Awards, Gold went to Mainstay Exotic Fusion, Mainstay 54 took Silver and Mainstay Island Fusion won Bronze. At the IWSC Awards, Mainstay Island Fusion won Gold, a Silver Outstanding award went to Mainstay 54, and Silver went to Exotic Fusion while Bronze was awarded to Tropical Fusion. At the San Francisco Spirits Competition, Mainstay 54 and Mainstay Tropical Fusion won Silver.

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