30 January 2014 09:11

Malibu Rum Sparkler launches in the US

Malibu Rum Sparkler, Malibu's newest product innovation, was announced this week in New York. It combines the much-loved Malibu with coconut water, and infuses it with refreshing bubbles. Malibu Rum Sparkler is bottled in both coconut and peach flavours and is available now at retailers nationwide.

As the #1 coconut rum in the U.S. and around the world, Malibu's fresh take combines the classic Caribbean rum with coconut water and carbonation. Consumers will get another surprise when they pick up a bottle – Malibu Rum Sparkler debuts with a cork and colourful foil wrap, a first for the brand.

"Malibu Rum Sparkler joins a rum portfolio that truly challenges and delights the taste buds of cocktail lovers – from higher proof Malibu Black, to low-calorie Malibu Island Spiced, to tequila-spiked Malibu Red and perfectly pre-mixed Malibu Cans, we clearly aim to push the boundaries," said Josh Hayes, Senior Brand Manager, Malibu. "With Rum Sparkler, we're capitalising on the growing demand and popularity of coconut water and giving consumers yet another reason to party with friends."

Malibu Rum Sparkler's blend of coconut water and light bubbles refreshing cocktail for summer, best served chilled and straight in a flute, or mixed into a lively cocktail.

Malibu Rum Sparkler (11% alc. / vol., 22 proof) is available in 750ml in the US only (for now) at a suggested retail price of $16.99 in both coconut and peach flavours.

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