25 July 2014 13:39

Matthew Mole plays CT, sponsored by Black Bottle

Matthew Mole is a brand of "ladies'man" that breaks the mould. While most male pop musicians put out the type of sex appeal that has panties dropping on demand, a quick glance at the audience during his show revealed a room full of women with their heads cocked to the side as if to say "I want to pinch your cheek, take you home to meet my parents, THEN drag you to the bedroom."

You see, depite being a performing artist with an exploding fan base, Matthew is shy. He genuinely appears surprised at his sudden success, and his look of awe is underscored by the frequently uttered phrase through an awkward grin: "This is so cool." He says it after almost every song, at least once, and it's invariably accompanied with words of thanks to the crowd. Even to the hardened cynic, he is disarmingly sincere; his heart is on his sleeve, and it's this vulnerability that has women wanting to take him home and take care of him (if you nome sayin').

You might think that men would be less receptive to Matthew Mole - not so. Although his demeanour and song lyrics ooze the type of sensitivity that usually have men crying "bullshit!", he's so refreshingly lacking in pretense that guys seem to feel completely unthreatened by him. The fact that he's confident enough to put his shyness on display speaks to the insecurities in most men... I'm not sure how it all works, it just does, so I'll spare you anymore of the armchair psychology.

If you haven't had the chance to see Matthew play live, do it, especially if it's in a venue as conducive to great accoustics as the Central Methodist Mission (CMM) on Cape Town's Greenmarket Square. He appeared with Page Mac (whose beautiful voice just about blew out the church windows), Jeremy Douglas and for part of the programme was accompanied by members of the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra (including Janna Khweis Thomas, Odile Lesch and Piet de Beer on violin, Cara Coetzee on viola and Dane Coetzee on cello).

Central Methodist Mission
Paige Mac  Member of the Cape Town
Philharmonic Orchestra

Mole, who is just 22, shot to stardom with the 2013 release of his debut album, The Home We Built, produced by Matthew Fink. It earned him the top spot on the South African iTunes album charts. He is the first local artist to get to number one with a debut release. The former Fish Hoek resident is modest about his international following that has taken him to the US, UK, Russia and even Thailand to perform.

The event was sponsored by Scotch whisky brand, Black Bottle, and formed part of Studio 7's ongoing series to showcase the best of local talent in interesting and intimate venues. Studio 7 is the brainchild of Patrick Craig who has done, and continues to do, great work in connecting SA music lovers with some of the very best this country has to offer. In his intro he spoke of the importance of supporting local talent because, in many instances, it compares favourably with international acts that we South Africans have no problem throwing money at. Amen to that.

VIP guests were served Black Bottle at Inn on the Square before the concert and during the interval. The blended Scotch whisky is made according to a recipe kept secret for more than 130 years.

"It's a distinctive whisky with a golden colour and a nose that is fresh and fruity. The palate is full, with a slightly honeyed sweetness," says Black Bottle's SA marketing manager, Taygan Govinden. "We are proud to be associated with Studio 7 Sessions. They create an ambience and an attitude well-suited to Black Bottle."

Aticle by Grant McDonald

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