10 July 2014 13:55

Meet Dominic Walsh

Born and raised in West of Johannesburg with his brother and sister, Dominic Walsh, always had a passion for doing something out of the ordinary. Realising that the possibilities of becoming his childhood hero, Chuck Norris, were none, Dom aspired to become a chef, but since he was vegan, his morals outweighed the aspirations of following that specific career path.

Dom has always been drawn to performing, music and creativity. Growing up with very supportive parents, he majored in Drums and Sound Engineering at The Campus of Performing Arts in Johannesburg.

Dom's passion for flavours did not fade away with his aspirations of becoming a chef, but instead he changed paths and started to work with liquid flavours. At the age of 18, Dom began his career as bartender and has ensured that he stayed ahead of the ever changing industry, networking with like-minded folks and reinventing his craft as an alchemist.

His journey to becoming Monkey Shoulder's esoteric brand ambassador came about when he met Stephen Strachan, The William Grants & Sons country manager, at a private event and dazzled him with his knowledge and drink skills as a bartender.

New to the industry with an appetite to grow, one of the aspects he enjoys about his position as the Monkey Shoulder esoteric brand ambassador is the knowledge he gains through training experiences and meeting passionate whisky fans. Dom's career highlight so far is the trip he took to Trinidad where he shared drinks with the masterful Salvatore Calabrese and Hidetsugu Ueno.

Much like the brand he represents, Dom possesses qualities that are true, authentic and dynamic and believes humility is the key to life.

While climbing the ladder within his industry, Dom has managed to collect a number of souvenirs from his travels, which decorate his basement. To get into the groove when he's out with his friends, Dom listens to electro swing music or any other genre that happens to be the flavour of the month.