06 May 2014 17:01

Monkeying Around with Dom Walsh

Last night MUDL was treated to a night of cocktails and revelry at Orphanage Cocktail Emporium with the mercurial Monkey Shoulder Brand Ambassador, Dom Walsh.

The venue was one of Cape Town's premier cocktail spots, the spirit was the smooth Monkey Shoulder 'triple' malt whisky, and the craftsman was the man who arguably knows more about the spirit than anyone in SA. Armed with an ornate mixing jug and his barspoon, he set about rustling up Maple Monkeys, Monkey Mojitos, Mamie Taylors and, my personal favourite, the Boulevardier. Often mistakenly referred to as a Whisky Negroni, this cocktail is actually older than the Negroni. Made with equal parts sweet vermouth, Campari and whisky (okay maye a dash more whisky) and finished off with an orange twist, it halos the spirit beautifully while achieving balance. At least it does when Dom makes it!

While we sipped and snacked our way through the evening, Ann Jangle played soulful tunes only a few feet away. It was a delightfully relaxing way to put Monday to bed. If you get the chance to attend a Monkey Monday I highly recommend it.