10 September 2015 13:26

MUDL Live to Celebrate Craft Beer

Calling all beer enthusiasts! The MUDL Live LIQUID LIFESTYLE Show is excited to be bringing you a dedicated craft beer experience.

As Africa's First Bar Show, we aim to bring you a comprehensive representation of the South African liquor landscape, and it wouldn't be complete without one of the biggest categories - beer.

Come and try a variety of brews from some of the country's up-and-coming brewmasters, with the opportunity to purchase at the show. Some of them will be giving seminars on various aspects of the industry, ranging from production and marketing through to predicted trends.

Recent additions to the MUDL Live Beer Area are brands such as Pistonhead, Garagista and Saggy Stone. Join us in celebrating these and other wonderful beers as they drive the brewing industry forward in South Africa, adding variety to one of the country's favourite tipples.

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