14 November 2013 14:59

New Look For Olmeca Altos

Following a successful launch in selected US cities, Olmeca, the world’s No. 4 Tequila brand, has unveiled a new, vibrant look for its super-premium award winning Tequila, Olmeca Altos.

The new packaging for Olmeca Altos – which includes a new easy-pouring bottle design – captures the authenticity of Olmeca, by creating a crafted look through the use of tactile varnishes and uncoated stock, while gold embossing and a wooden cap have been introduced to ensure the new bottle conveys the quality and provenance of its super-premium offering. True to the Altos brand, the new identity marries tradition with modern, vibrant style perfectly.


A test launch in US cities revealed a growing fan-base amongst hipster communities. To further increase awareness of Altos amongst this audience, the neck and front of the bottle emphasise the Altos name. The reference to Olmeca has been reduced to make the distinction between Altos and other Olmeca Tequilas clearer for consumers and bartenders alike.

“Educating bartenders about Tequila and illustrating its versatility has been key to the strategy for Altos,” says Renzo Puccini Brand Manager for Olmeca Tequila SA. “Innovation is top of mind for bartenders on a global scale; we hope to inspire a greater curiosity for Tequila as well as awareness about the product, its origins and the way it is produced.”

In an attempt to highlight the brands passion for tradition and craftsmanship, Altos chose to strategically align with Creative Pioneers Elmarie van Straten – A Word of Art, Jono Le Feuvre and Rob Cowles – Rosetta Roastery, Marc Nicolson and Lyall Sprong – ThingKing and Jarrad Nelson and Lise du Plessis – Dark Horse, who showcased their work incorporating elements of Altos, at a launch event held Cape Town. “The work produced by the crafter spoke not only to their creativity, but to the versatility of Altos,” says Puccini.

In addition to the launch event, Steffin Oghene, Olmeca Altos Ambassador for the USA, hosted “Societies” where key individuals enjoyed a pre-launch tasting. The Tahona Society is a global network of professionals and passionate bartenders, which sets out to recognize and celebrate the ancient art of true Tequila production: the Tahona. Local bartenders received training and participated in a cocktail contest where the winners not only attended the launch event but also got the opportunity to see guests enjoy their winning cocktails.

Olmeca Altos was born out of a unique partnership between world-renowned UK bartenders Henry Besant and Dré Masso, alongside Olmeca Master Distiller Jesús Hernández. The brand continues to win many top awards, with the most recent being first place in the Drinks Business Awards 2013 for Best Design and Packaging for the Spirits category worldwide. In 2012, Altos won a Gold medal in the International Wine and Spirits Competition, as well as the ‘Best Tequila in a Margarita’ at The Ultimate Cocktail Challenge 2011 and a Gold Medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition also in 2011. Adding weight to its claim to be the best 100% agave Tequila for margarita cocktails, Olmeca Altos was awarded Supreme Champion at the Drinks International Cocktail Challenge in 2012 for its Jasmine Tea Margarita, which was also announced as Trophy winner in the Long Drinks category.

To find out more about Olmeca Altos or the campaign visit: http://www.facebook.com/OlmecaTequilaSA or https://twitter.com/OlmecaTequilaSA or http://instagram.com/olmecatequilasa