06 May 2014 14:58

Newcastle Brown Ale takes dig at Bud Superbowl Commercial

Everyone has their favourite Budweiser commercial. Whether they're pulling at heart strings or making us laugh, they are always well-made and entertaining. Well this time they met their match when Newcastle Brown Ale took a little dig at the fact that Bud paid $30million for exclusive rights to advertise beer during the Superbowl.

In case you've been living under a rock, here is the original Budweiser ad:


With well over 50million YouTube hits in addition to the Superbowl airtime, it's fair to say that Budweiser got bang for their buck. But while you've got to hand it to them for a great ad, it's worth remembering that it's easier to make impactful campaigns if you have bucketloads of cash. When faced with the challenge of achieving comparable impact with a fraction of the budget, Newcastle came up with an online campaign that has done just that - If We Made It.

The teaser can be viewed below:


This was followed up by this:


And then finally, this behind-the-scenes clip was broadcast online. Genius:


There are a number of other ad made in the same style, which you can view here.

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