04 December 2013 21:48

Olmeca Tequila presents the Perfect Party Pack

Olmeca Tequila’s BeatBox Olmeca Tequila’s BeatBox

Olmeca Tequila is known for being the perfect party partner and with the new limited edition "BeatBox" consumers will be able to "mix it up" in their own homes.

The limited edition BeatBox is a stand-alone gift pack designed to look like a piece of DJ equipment from the front, a speaker from the back and a collection of CDs/Records from the side. The package contains an original bottle of Olmeca Tequila partnered with one from the Fusion range. This gives consumers a chance to explore the many exciting combinations Olmeca Tequila offers.

But what's a party without music? Olmeca Tequila has that covered too. Consumers will be able to scan a QR code or text a sms number placed on the pack with their mobile phones, giving them access to exclusive downloadable created by some of SA's freshest and hottest talent; likes of Haezer, Sibot, Niskerone & SFR, Das Kapital, The Ruffest, Crazy White Boy, Kid Fonque & Thibo Tazz.

And to top it all off Olmeca Tequila will be giving away one of a kind Olmeca BeatBox speaker docking stations to 15 lucky winners who enter their details via mobile device or online.