20 July 2014 19:29

Quickfire Q&A with Brent Perremore

Brent Perremore is one of South Africa's most celebrated bartenders. A two-time winner and current national champion of Diageo World Class, he will be travelling to the UK later this month to represent South Africa at the Global Finals. You can find Brent working the bar as part of the talented crew at Orphanage Cocktail Emporium in Cape Town.

In an attempt to get inside the head of one of SA's best drinksmiths, we shot him a few questions, some serious and some not so much.


Have you had a terrible experience at a bar or restaurant you'd like to share with us?
Um, I've had quite a few but one that stands out. I was out for dinner with my girlfriend and no one was there to seat us so we chose a table ourselves. Then nobody came to take our order till we started flailing our arms around. The food came 45 mins later cold (the mains). By that time we were starving and begrudgingly ate it and ask for the bill. When we thought it couldn't get any worse, it took another 15-20 mins for the bill to arrive, and as we were paying, our starters arrived!

If you were on death row, what would be your last meal?
Either a curry that my mom or my gran made or a wagu burger from Bascule and chips from Baia.

The most bizarre cocktail ingredient you've used?
Bacon? Squid ink?

Who has been the biggest influence on you professionally?
Ex bar manager Jacques Fourie, currently running successful restaurants in Johannesburg. Assaf Yechiel, friend and colleague , currently head bartender at Orphanage.

Boxers, briefs or commando?
Which ever the occasion calls for.

Have you ever used any outrageous pickup lines?
Na not really. I just ask if they have a boyfriend or not. If not I just give them pen and paper and say, "You know the drill."

If you could work shifts in any three bars in the world, which would they be?
The Pegu club (NYC), The Artisan (London), Milk and Honey (NYC).

You can invite 3 people to dinner not related to you, living or dead. Who would they be?
Bruce Lee, Chuck D (Public Enemy) and Warren Buffet.

Job satisfaction or lots of money?
Both would be great, but job satisfaction I suppose.

In a fight between Gaz Regan and Dale DeGroff, who would win?
Dale I reckon ha ha, although I have seen Gaz dance so no doubt he's got some moves.

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