20 July 2014 23:21

Record-Breaking Cocktail with 71 Ingredients

A Glasgow-based mixologist has created a record-breaking cocktail which contains more ingredients than any other drink in the world - to celebrate the Commonwealth Games coming to the city.

Mal Spence, of Kelvingrove Cafe teamed up with Glasgow City Marketing Bureau to create the special commemorative cocktail. The record-breaking cocktail contains more ingredients than any other drink in the world - 71 to be precise - individually sourced from each and every nation participating in the Commonwealth Games.

The cocktail's exotic ingredients range from Tanzanian cloves, Belizean dragonfruit and Malaysian galangal to the more familiar English red apple and Scottish wild strawberry, making 'The Commonwealth Cocktail' the perfect way to taste the best flavours of Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe and The Americas in one sip.

Mal said: "Most classic cocktails have three or four ingredients. This cocktail has 71. To find a recipe that could combine all these different flavours and also taste good was a challenge I couldn't resist. It's been a case of trial and error as many of the combinations of ingredients just didn't work - I went through over 300 different ingredients before finding the final perfect blend. I feel that the results are well worth it - the drink tastes great and is a celebration of all the nations and territories making their way to Glasgow this month."

Minty Woolgar, PR Manager at Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, added: "Glasgow is world-renowned for its vibrant food and drink scene and the warmth of its hospitality. As the city gears up to welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors from across the globe, in addition to the one million ticket holders, there is no better time for people to enjoy the great variety of bars, restaurants and nightspots across the city. The Commonwealth Cocktail is the perfect celebration of what is set to be a very special summer for Glasgow."

Visitors to Glasgow can try the exclusive drink for themselves at Mal's Kelvingrove Cafe, where the mixologist will be giving away a limited run of 71 Commonwealth Cocktails from the start of the Games on Wednesday, July 23.

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