10 April 2014 09:31

Rematch Beeyatch SA 2014 - Results

Last night the Rematch Beeyatch cocktail speed competition reached South African shores for the first time. Cape Town's Orphanage Cocktail Emporium played host to the country's inaugural staging of this underground mixo phenomenon and, although the competitor turn-out was a litttle smaller than initially expected, it lived up to the hype in a massive way. If you are unfamiliar with Rematch Beeyatch, read more about it here.

The atmosphere was electric. A cliché, I know, but watching bartenders scrambling from mixer to liquor bottle to blender in a mad clamour to smash out 10 cocktails in the quickest time possible was a sight to behold, and the heaving scrum of screaming spectators played their part. It was Fight Club sans the violence; a moshpit of flowing booze, flashing cameras and frenetic bartenders. If you were there I'll wager you'll be back next year for more. I personally can't wait.

The competitors drew the order in which they'd take the stage:

  • First up was Devin Cross. Started well til he broke a glass - instant DQ!
  • Next up was Brent who started well but lost his way a bit, posting a time he would be disappointed with.
  • Then it was Assaf's turn, and he surged into the lead with a decent time, although five 5sec penalities hurt him, including one for calling BRAP before he'd cracked his beer.
  • Johan Besuidenhout then put in a good showing with only 2 penalties, despite drenching the lady in the front row when he turned on the blender without the lid.
  • Anil burnt it up with a white hot round, and even 4 penalties couldn't prevent him becoming the new front runner.
  • Dave put on a great show, lfying through his drinks at good pace, and sending beer flying over the crowd at one point too.
  • Finally it was Ollie's turn, but a great start was foiled by a broken glass and an automatic DQ.
Order Competitor Representing (Venue) Position Time
1 Devin Cross Bascule Bar T6 DQ
2 Brent Perremore Orphanage 5 6:03 (4 penalties)
3 Assaf Yecheil Orphanage 3 4:22 (5 penalties)
4 Johan Besuidenhout Café Caprice 4 4:48 (2 penalties)
5 Anil Sabharwal Shaker Bar School SA 1 2:48 (4 penalties)
6 Dave Lombard None 2 3:00 (5 penalties)
7 Ollie Cole Café Caprice T6 DQ


That left Anil as the reigning Rematch Beeyatch SA Champ! He collect the R2450 first prize, as well as bragging rights - not a bad night's work.

Bring on next year. BRAP!








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