03 December 2015 08:35

Remy Martin's OLLT Campaign Hits Cape Town

Minnie (Remy Martin) and Matt Minnie (Remy Martin) and Matt

Remy Martin's new global marketing campaign "One Life. Live Them" recognises and celebrates individuals' multi-talents, by understanding that people are not defined by one talent or skill, but are multi-faceted, with many passions. It is a call to live richer, larger lives, to expand horizons and to seize all the opportunities that life can offer, beyond the one-dimensional paths that could have been embraced.

The brand chose to recognise three local men who epitomise the concept of living multi-faceted lives: Mayihlome Tshwete, Ludwick Marishane, Oros Mampofu. CLICK HERE to read more about these men and the Remy Martin campaign as a whole.



To bring their campaign to life, Remy Martin is employing the 'forward slash' symbol as a vehicle to convey the notion that there are many sides to each individual. Earlier this week, guests who identified with a macho slash were invited to participate in an evening of boxing, and last night they held a function with a completely different angle - cooking.

Matt Manning with his delicious canapes


Guests were invited to the Innovation Centre in Cape Town's Black River Park where we were greeted with a welcome cognac (or two), as well as delicious canapes made with chicken liver parfait, cranberry and orange marmalade. I was excited to get my first taste of the Remy Martin 1738; notably darker than the VSOP, it delivered on the rich, smooth intensity promised by its colour.

In time we were ushered into a demonstration room where chef Matt Manning, creator of One Ingredient, showed us the starter we were going to be making. The dish was cold smoked rainbow trout, pickled celery, toasted pinenuts, saffron dried tomato, parsley agar, cranberry and a vanilla noisette. Fancy, I know, but to be fair, most of the prepping had been done by the knowledgable and most entertaining Matt and his assistant George.

 After we had taken our starters back to table and eaten them amoungst much self-congratulatory back-patting, we were then herded back into the demo room to be talked through the making of our mains.

The meal: whole-roasted petit poussin, ballontine of braised chicken leg with cranberry fluid gel, braised brussel sprouts, bacon lardons and chopped walnut. As with my starter, I was once again grateful for the dexterity of my partner, Mash, who deftly recreated and plated the food while I pretty much got in the way.

Cooking is thirsty work, and luckily we were kept plied with a steady stream of Remy Martin Cognac. Afterwards the mains were served it was dessert time, but our presence was not required in the kitchen for this course as Matt handled the preparation himself. The dark chocolate, hazelnut and cranberry torte with cranberry sorbet (Matt is clearly a cranberry fan!) went a treat with a glass of Rem Martin XO.

Yesterday evening confirmed what I already knew; I am certainly no Gordon Ramsay, but Remy Martin has inspired me to work on this facet of my life.

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