22 June 2014 16:46

SA Film Makers win Guinness Competition

Diageo, owner of Guinness, last week announced the joint winners of its advertising competition to discover, cultivate and grow local talent and filmmakers in Africa. The competition, which was launched at Cannes Lions last year, involved filmmakers creating a TV advert for the Guinness Made of More campaign. Entrants had the chance to win the opportunity for their advert to be broadcast on TV across Africa as the next Guinness TV ads later in the year.

Guinness worked with crowdsourcing agency MOFILM, a leading video and film contest community for aspiring filmmakers, and winners were selected from over 100 submissions.

The judging panel chose to award two winners, Fabian Vettiger and Peter Walker, both of whom are South African. Fabian's film, 'Who Am I', poignantly describes the air of possibility and opportunity with which Gen Y approach life on the continent. Peter's film, 'Guinness Dark', powerfully describes how darkness can actually be seen in a positive light. The runners up will be showcased across Guinness social media channels at the same time as the winning entries are broadcast on TV.

Ross Haddow, Brand Manager, Guinness Africa, said: "The competition celebrates our belief in the wealth of creative talent in Africa and cements Diageo's commitment to finding and promoting it. This competition enables us to showcase that talent on a global stage. We're always looking for new ways to do old things and this competition allowed us to push the boundaries of innovative marketing. It is a huge honour to come back and announce the competition winners.

"The end products are truly inspiring. The quality of the work we have seen is fantastic. The winners have produced some genuine world class results singlehandedly within a short period of time. We're very excited to be showcasing them exclusively on social channels and selected broadcasters later on this year."

On winning, Fabian Vettiger said: "I am thrilled to be a winner of this Guinness project. I started thinking about this in December 2013 and in total have spent around seven weeks putting together the film which I hope speaks for the whole of Africa and its incredible diversity. So many people have made this possible for me and I cannot thank Guinness enough for giving me this incredible opportunity to showcase our work on a global platform."

Peter Walker, also joint winner, said: "This was a great opportunity to make a commercial entirely on my own. As an aspiring young filmmaker, to enter and win this competition is a great achievement. I have been inspired by Guinness' great advertising over the years and now the brand has really believed in home-grown creative people like myself to make a film for them. To have our work showcased not only across Africa, but globally, and highlighted and Cannes Lions is phenomenal."

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