13 February 2015 10:18

Socks Tonic Launches in CT

Piet the Sock Piet the Sock

Piet the Sock is well known on the SA bartending scene. It's almost impossible not to notice when Piet enters a room, and although being 6ft-plenty with a booming voice probably has something to do with it, it's because he's made a career of doing things differently. Indeed the name "Piet the Sock" is derived from his anti-conformist refusal to wear a matching pair of socks.

This week Piet launched his very own brand of tonic water at Mother's Ruin Gin Bar and, as expected, it's unconventional. In fact it hovers on the outskirts of the tonic category - citrus tonic is probably a better description - but Piet wouldn't have it any other way.

"Our desire is to be intentionally unintentional," says Piet, slightly enigmatically, "to stand out head and shoulders above the norm and to serve not only a unique tonic, but the best tonic in South Africa."

The natural orange colour and interesting, bitter flavour flavour come from cooking Socks Tonic through South American Cinchona bark and crafting it with lemon, orange and ground nutmeg. The signature drink, a Gin and Socks, is garnished with a grapfruit wedge and looks marked different to your standard G&T. For the launch, Piet partnered with Beefeater Gin because he felt the bitterness of the product complemented his tonic best.


Piet the Sock (with a Socks Tonic), Lauren Penny and
Sumaiyah Connolly (with a bottle of Beefeater 24 Gin)


For the next 2 month, the only place in Cape Town you will be able to find Socks Tonic is at Mother's Ruin, 219 Bree St. So if your interest is at all piqued, head over there for a Gin and Socks.



  • Buy Beefeater 24 Gin HERE.

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