08 December 2014 06:20

The Makers of Oban and Lagavulin Release My Tales of Whisky

Diageo has collaborated with actor, humourist, woodworker and self-proclaimed human being Nick Offerman to create an original video content series entitled My Tales of Whisky. As the title suggests, the original content pieces are musings on Scotch whisky.

The creative team behind My Tales of Whisky exports scotch enthusiast Nick Offerman's deadpan humour and exceptional use of plaid to two of Scotland's esteemed seaside distilleries, Lagavulin and Oban. The storylines range from an epic transcontinental journey to prove his familiarity with his dram of choice to a 'documentary' (the not-real-kind) on how the beloved Oban single malt whisky gets made.

When asked to comment on My Tales of Whisky and the proverbial pedestal upon which these fine whiskies are placed, Offerman reached deep into his library, dusted off a book and selected a passage written by one the great masters of contemporary civilisation. Translating Virgil's Aeneid from its original Latin, Offerman stated, "Believe one who has tried it."

(Spoiler Alert!) In the My Tales of Whisky series, viewers who decide to trust the aficionado will discover a number of things, including:

  1. What happens when you try to pull a fast one on a Lagavulin lover. (Hint: it makes your friend who sent back that bottle of Chateaux Whatever because it might be corked look like a lazy amateur.) – That's Not Lagavulin
  2. Historic poetry masters inspire greatness. – Poetry
  3. The Oban Ping Pong Club looks competitive. – The Makers of Oban
  4. Whether or not the taste of wooly cattle is existentially something you'd want to know the taste of. –Taste It All
  5. A rhyme for remembering moderation in drinking. – Music Video
  6. Nick Offerman likes his Scotch whisky.


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