19 August 2015 13:43

The World's First Automatic Bar Station

Foxtender Automatic Bar Station Foxtender Automatic Bar Station

A Kickstarted campaign is under way in San Diego to launch the world's first autmatic bartender. Bowtie and shoulder to cry on not included.

Not many people enjoy waiting in line for a drink in a popular bar, where getting the attention of a bartender can be close to impossible. The Foxtender Barmachine presents itself as the solution to a congested bar area. It is the first automatic bartender that produces cocktails in a safe and secure prepaid system. So look out all you bartenders out there! You'd better learn a new trade because the machines are rising!

The company recently announced the launch of their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to bring the first run of Foxtenders to the public.

"Skip lines, drink smart," commented a spokesperson from the company. "Foxtender is perfect for any kind of event or location, serving anything from soft drinks to alcoholic cocktails. We just need your help to kickstart this project, it will change the way you think of getting a drink at a bar."

According to the company, the Foxtender Barmachine "looks great and works blazingly fast; it includes a refrigerator, an easy pay interface, a cup dispenser for the drinks to be poured into, and an ID system to help make sure underage drinkers aren't served alcoholic beverages. The device can supply up to 400 drinks without human assistance, all made accurately and with amazing taste profiles."

The Kickstarter campaign has set a goal of $260,000 and ends on September 26, 2015, but I wouldn't worry too much if I was a skilled bartender. Until a machine can serve a beautifully presented Sidecar with a smile, and later after you've had a few too many Tequila Slammers, call you a cab, you can't beat the hospitality of a passionate barkeep.

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