07 March 2014 07:57

Turn Water into Wine with the Miracle Machine

The world's first affordable, accelerated winemaking device for the home that requires minimal effort, and turns water and other easily added ingredients into fine wine in just three, short days and at a fraction of the cost of a store-bought bottle. Built using environmentally sustainable materials, the tabletop design has a clean and minimalist shape that will complement any kitchen decor, and provide years of use, helping simplify life, from entertaining guests to just enjoying a delicious glass of your favorite wine at dinner after work or the weekend.


Download The Miracle Machine app from your smartphone's app store, and paired with your Miracle Machine, it will control the entire process, guiding you through the art of fine winemaking, monitoring progress and alerting you once it is complete.

The app enables you to select from a list of fine wine types, each detailing the amounts of different ingredients required, such as concentrate, yeast and a finishing powder, all of which can be purchased directly from the Miracle Machine website.


At the core of The Miracle Machine is the fermentation chamber that houses components connected to an Arduino microcontroller to process the ingredients necessary for the fine wine of your creation. The proprietary technology within the chamber uses an array of electrical sensors, transducers, heaters and pumps to provide a controlled environment for the primary and, as needed, secondary fermentation stages.


This technology includes:

A digital refractometer to measure the sugar content during the fermentation processCustom-designed ceramic air-diffuser pumps filtering  air under a regulated micro-oxygenated environment, aerating the wine, thus softening the tannins. An ultrasonic transducer, positioned underneath the chamber, which resonates to effectively speed up flavour development.


This product is only just launching in the US but hopefully it will make it's way to SA soon.

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