05 December 2014 12:00

Windhoek Draught unveils New Packaging

Windhoek Beer is unveiling stylish new packaging. The contemporary new brand feel was revealed on Facebook in Windhoek Draught's #PureBeerOClock campaign.

Windhoek Beer is the proud of the 440ml draught beer segment in South Africa.

"We've always said YES to 100% Pure Beer. And now we're doing the same with the current design innovation for Windhoek Draught," says Windhoek marketing manager Alan Roberts.

Taking inspiration from what their fans like and the latest trends in international product design, the new-look Windhoek Draught includes modern, simple and unfussy typography and design. The packaging now features embossed, pressure-sensitive body labelling that does not wash off or fade, instead of paper labels on the 440ml bottle and metalised paper labels for the 660ml sharing pack. The changes on the 440ml can include the sleek, pared down use of the brand colours – black and gold.

"Our fans have the best of both worlds with this pack innovation – on the one hand they can continue to embrace Windhoek's proud brewing heritage, and on the other they have something new they can be proud to hold in their hand on any social occasion," says Roberts. The brand has been uncompromising in its approach to the German Reinheitsgebot brewing tradition, and this promise of purity is displayed on every Windhoek bottle and can.

"Heritage and innovation, although they seem to contradict each other, have always been important to Windhoek. Over the past hundred years, we've decided to take the tough road, of sticking to tradition and an unwavering dedication to brewing 100% Pure Beer. Yet, we've always embraced innovation with our pack design.

"Our commitment to 100% Pure Beer means we've had to say NO to cheaper, easier, faster choices when brewing beer. We have had the courage and tenacity to never compromise, but we've done it for the love of Pure Beer, and we believe it's been worth it," says Roberts.

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