08 June 2014 20:56

Zonnebloem Wines feature at Prestigeous Design Expo

Zonnebloem Wines feature in the current LEON CCXIX 12 Rooms décor exhibition. You'll find them highlighted in the surprise 13th room, a special installation conceived by brand collaborator Haldane Martin.

On two levels, the exhibition showcases a series of 12 rooms, each created and furnished by a top local designer, and then there's the delightful bonus of a 13th room right at the end. Part salon and part study, it's a clever, eclectic mix of the classical and contemporary, where Martin has fused African and international elements with wit and savvy.

First left is his elegant fine dining serving table designed for Zonnebloem that carries a bottle of red and a decanter. It's also been very artfully designed to hold glasses and to carry an ice bucket below the table top to accommodate chilled white wine.

Close by are two paintings by Cape Town artist Andrew Putter, whose social commentary is to give a locally infused re-interpretation of the classical. Then your eye is drawn to Martin's hallmark songololo couch, this time in a grey-toned weave, and to a coffee table decked with marvellous old books, including one by Goethe. The tranquil tone is contrasted with a jazzy wall finish of gold herring-bone design, while the entire scene is warmed by a gorgeous lighting structure that is a sculpture in its own right.

Martin has made a retreat that's equally comfortable for a cocooning read or a chilled, intimate party. A claim you could just as well make for Zonnebloem.

The exhibition, at 219 Albert Road, Woodstock runs until the end of August.

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